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Helping Seniors Move ...

We help seniors the way daughters do: by listening and learning what the senior wants and needs, and then by doing whatever it takes to reduce the stress and anxiety related to moving:

  • Planning when and how to move.
  • Scheduling movers.
  • Handling change of address and utilities.
  • Measuring the new home and creating a floor plan for the furniture.
  • Sorting through belongings.
  • Downsizing possessions for a move to a smaller place.
  • Arranging for the sale, donation or shipment of some items.
  • Arranging estate or consignment sale
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing the kitchen, bathroom and closets.
  • Arranging china cabinets and shelves to look the way they did before the move.
  • Connecting the TV, stereo and computers.
  • Hanging pictures, setting the clocks, and making the new home feel comfortable.
  • Shopping for things needed in the new home, like a new microwave, curtains or extension cords.
  • Clearing and cleaning the former home.
  • Helping stage the former home for sale.

On moving day, we make things happen like magic.

Packing for the move is done on the day before the move or often on the same day as the move, minimizing the length of time that the senior is inconvenienced. On moving day we supervise the movers and meet them at the new home. We begin unpacking as they unload.

On moving day we are finished by mid-afternoon: kitchen and bathroom ready to use; closets neat and organized; beds made; pictures hung and the boxes and wrapping removed.

The new home is ready, homey and familiar, feeling as much as possible like the home left behind. The senior is moved and settled quickly, eliminating the stress that comes from living with the boxes and disorder of a move that stretches out over days and weeks.

Whether the senior is moving to another home or an apartment, or to independent senior housing, assisted living or long-term care facility, we assist the senior and their family in making the move easy and seamless. Seniors who have moved using the services of Rose's Daughters appreciate the speed and care with which the entire move happens, but also the autonomy they maintain over the many decisions that moving requires.

Families who have moved their parents using the services of Rose's Daughters value that they can take their parents to breakfast and lunch on moving day, and return in the afternoon to a completely settled, organized home. The parents are spared the stress of watching their children hassle with the move.

For more information, or to schedule a move or free consultation, please contact us.